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I Choose
August 28, 2006, 3:19 pm
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My spouse was in NYC for 4 days, so it was me and the kids in the tent trailer. Saturday Night, after putting A to bed, I went to the cottage beside us with Z. They had installed… The piano, the guitars, the bongos, the amps, the digital mixer and finallstreetperformer1.JPGy 2 microphones.   The poker chips were all nicely lined up and they had set up a bar in a corner.  At 10h30, After signing a bit and playing bongos Z asks me if we could go back to the cottage since she was tired!  I put her on my shoulders and I tucked her in and I choose I would stay with her, sleep and be 100% the following morning for my kids. I love to party, I love to drink, I love to play guitar, I love to play poker, I love to laugh. I run and own businesses’ I work hard, I buy, I sell, I get sued, I sue back, I deal, I hire, I fire. 

The weeks was an intense tornado of business negotiations, The weekend was an intense tornado of drinking and partying.  And so it went on and on.  Then I had the kids. I have gradually seen a switch in what I value, as such priorities started to change.  It was both welcomed and scary at the same time.  My identity was my business and social life and I thought I was really ready to have kids.  Well maybe I wasn’t really, really ready. I have found some of the circles of friends/business, don’t value a ‘dad’ much! They would rather have the party animal back or the aggressive 80hrs/week entrepreneur!  I have found writing a journal really helped me clarify what I thought and what I have felt throughout this ‘transformation’.  It also dawned on me that it didn’t matter what the people around me wanted me to be…I was going to choose. Am I the only one?


Could be interesting – 4 days with the kids, no momma
August 24, 2006, 3:54 pm
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david_zoe_elephant.JPGAllright, my first entry and it’s alreaday intersting!

 My spouse just left for 4 days for New York and we have 2 kids (Daughter Z who is 3) and (Son A who is 1).

 I am going camping!   I spend a lot of time with my kids and have a good knowledge of what they do/need.  Beside a roof over their head (must not forget tent trailer) and food (must not forget the milk and coco puffs) what else could they need than my undivided attention.

 I am looking for big mistakes from husbands who forgot all sorts of stuff and I will make my list from there!  Ladies, please don’t hesitate to let me know about the huge failures of your husbands…that is where I might get all of the insight I need.

 I am leaving tomorrow night so it gives me exactly 2 days to pack everything that is needed.